Apple’s iOS 6.1 Beta is now Available to Developers

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iPhone 5 is gradually getting its place. A massive influx of people is showing their interest to own the new iPhone while the existing owners of the previous model iPhone 4S and some others are able to upgrade their devices to iOS 6. Users are happy as they have new devices and/or OS to do new things. But developers have to adapt new rules and upgrade their applications accordingly.

Apple held a long preview-period for the iOS version 6, and now it is going to do the same with the next iteration of the OS. Yes, Apple has released iOS 6.1 Beta on its developer website. Interested developers can get the Beta version now.

The new version has been launched with various new changes. The most interesting change among them is the addition of new feature in maps. The new app allows developers to programmatically search for map-based addresses and points of interest.

This beta version of iOS 6.1 is available for all those devices that are running on iOS 6; however iPad Mini and the fourth generation iPad have not been included in the list.

Are they incompetent to get this upgrade? It leaves me suspicious.