Apple’s Tips For Building A Business Successful App

apple tips business mobile app development

If you want to start a mobile app start-up, Apple has shared some special tips for you. The company recently updated its App Store developers site and included a series of tutorials, case studies and other information. These stuffs are aimed at how developers can attain success in their app start-ups.

apple tips business mobile app development

The site of Apple includes a “Developer Insights” page that explains how mobile app developers like Evernote, Grailr, Seriously, and Smule built businesses with apps. Take the example of Evernote which tried to localize its note-taking app makings it available in different languages to attract global user-base. Another example is Seriously. The developer of this app used social media to market its brand.

With all these updates, Apple has provided enough clarity for mobile app developers to learn that what extra efforts they can put in their projects to get them noticed. It also explained the way users navigate the App Store and how apps are featured by its editors. Apart this, the company also explained pros and cons of different app business models, offering subscriptions and selling apps in bundles.
For now Apple’s App Store holds more than 1.5 million apps. So it’s a crowded place and of course, it’s too difficult for mobile app developers to easily get noticed here and succeed. Ask those who have got good exposure and they will reveal how difficult it was to reach at that point. These developers do also get good pays from Apple. Apple announced in January that it has paid out nearly $40 billion to developers since the inception App Store in 2008 and one third of this big money was generated in 2015 alone.
The app-marketing company Sensor Tower found that U.S, based consumers spent an average of $35 on apps last years. They spent an average of $25 on games, $3.4 on music related apps, and $1.8 on social networking, entertainment and lifestyle apps.
Sensor Tower shared its own idea of app developer. It said that the best way to attain success in a mobile business is that you create a game. It’s because that average iPhone users downloaded about 10 games and three photo and video apps last years. They also downloaded three social networking apps and nearly three entertainment apps and music related apps received 2.2 installs on average.
Apple didn’t say what should be the better way to create apps that will succeed but the site of company has a useful tool for anyone who wants  to build a successful business based on apps.

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