Apps are destroyed in these ways…

How a mobile application development project is destroyed…

Every mobile application development idea can be a breakthrough, however the way it’s implemented, decides its success or failure. Beyond coding and creating stunning graphics, mobile application development is an art of understanding what people really want in an app. And those who fail to understand this art do also fail in meeting success for their apps.
Here are some app destroyers –

Destroyer no.1 – No thought of a special platform. Any one  will work. 

Haven’t you considered about which platform will best fit your app idea before starting the app development project? If you have done this, consider you have taken the first step towards destroying the whole project. Many mobile application development experts consider iOS first for any project they begin. Of course iOS is the biggest monetization hub but that doesn’t mean to be a universal truth. Other platforms are too rising for monetization related matters.

Destroyer no.2 – Thinking that websites or apps are used same way. This does’t happen. 

A mobile application development is rather different than a web development. Not only do platforms are different but also, functions, scopes and sizes of apps vary platform to platform. It will of course be a mistake to measure the experience, usefulness and productivity of a mobile app with the indicators used for websites.  If a mobile application development is progressing with the same thought, it’s progressing towards a failure.
Mobile apps are supposed to have power of being used anytime, anywhere. Unlike PC apps, that require a proper setup, mobile apps are ready to work only in 2-3 taps. No long category > subcategory > sub sub-category type navigation is recommended for mobile apps. Also, an app should productively use various hardware of the device it is installed on in order to deliver interactive user experience.

Destroyer no.3 – Any monetization method will succeed to pull a good number of users.

There are different ways an app can be monetized. Often time it’s hard to differentiate one from others. Choosing a subscription model requires greatest meticulousness. In mobile application development, wrong decision with respect to choosing monetization model results in failure. Various models like in-app advertisement, in-app purchase, freemium and paid, apply to various app sorts.

Destroyer no.4 – Thinking that creating app is only thing to do. Launching an app without any marketing strategy is a sin! 

There are more than a million individual apps on both iOS app store and Google Play store and many mobile application development expert think that there apps will be visible without any marketing. This  may often be a case with new developers. Even for single genre of apps, there may be thousands of counterparts already available. An app without or with improper marketing plan will hardly have chances of getting succeed.

Destroyer no.5- Trying to test the app on your own but, can one swallow make a summer?

It’s really funny that you have tested the beta version of your app on your own and thought that it is ready. Beta testers offer valuable prospective on mobile application development. They let developers meet with issues that go unnoticed even after checking the app hundreds of time. If you have tested an app on your own and launched it officially, consider you have launched a product that will keep meeting errors in future.

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