AR App for grocery stores by IBM

This piece of writing is dedicated to shoppers! IBM has recently unveiled an app that makes a creative use of augmented reality. The app helps you receive personalized product recommendations, tips and coupons by scanning store shelve via smartphone camera. It blends digital data with real world imagery and offers its benefits to brick and mortar stores, where 92 percent of retail still takes place.
Download this app on your smartphone or tab and register for its services, create a profile of features, etc. After that, you can browse the aisles through the camera and get recognition for products and digital details on the top of the images. The app will provide you a lot of information such as ingredients, price, reviews, as well as discounts for that day. The app also flags the reviews by your friends for the products you are looking at.
Tell the app that you want a cereal brand with low sugar, at low price and high consumer ratings. Then scan the shelf of cereal box and the app reveals the cereals that meet your requirements.
“In the age of social media, consumer expectations are high, and people want information and advice about the products they’re going to buy,” said Sima Nadler, IBM Research’s retail lead. “By closing the gap between the online and in-store shopping experience, marketers can appeal to the individual needs of consumers and keep them coming back.”
It lets retailers connect with their consumers by offering welcoming marketing services. The app also reveals consumer behavior based on likes and dislikes.
This app would not only help the consumers but also help the retailers to interact with their consumers in a better way. Apart from increasing their sales, retailers will also be able to learn how they can organize products & optimize floor plans.

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