Backup Plan by Nokia if Windows Phone 8 fails – You have got to be kidding

Many will say that Nokia has staked a lot on Microsoft’s Windows Phone 8, but the company has a backup plan too. According to CNET reports, Risto Siilasmaa, the chairman to Nokia, said that the company has a backup plan in a situation where things go wrong. He stated it during an interview on Finnish talk show. In last one year, the stock value of Nokia has dropped to 60 percent. This downfall has been leading the company to focus only on Windows Phone.
Microsoft unveiled Windows Phone 8 OS last week and announced that its current phone, the Nokia Lumia 900, will not get updates to the newer OS. Users are feeling deceived as they invested in a Windows powered Nokia smartphone that has become obsolete in less than a year. This decision makes the expected buyers indecisive for buying a new Windows powered Nokia smartphone, especially when previously launched Nokia’s Lumia could not attract many people.
Luckily, if we believe on Siilasmaa, Nokia’s alternative, that can’t be figured out now, might possibly help the company overcome the difficulties it could face in future. It is in public that Symbian’s market is almost dead and Nokia hardly seems to go in that direction again. As far as Android OS is concerned, it might be a possible option. Still, Nokia has rough ways to reach at a stage where Samsung and HTC have presently reached with this OS. But, nothing is official about this.
The only solution appears to be is Patents. Nokia owns an impressive portfolio of 30,000 patents. In last two decades the company has spent more than $62 billion in its research and development program.  The company is supposed to sell its patent portfolio to improve its liquidity. Nokia can also trim its work force by 10,000 that will aid it to cut almost $2 billion in cost by the end of 2013.

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