Benefits that businesses receive from Android

Now Android applications are new tools for businesspersons to stay in touch with each other without the limits of time and place. Everyone is witnessing a huge rise in Android and Android application development market. It offers countless benefits to businesses as well.
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Android is today’s one of the most adopted and widely known platforms. Also, developers prefer it over others because of its support to custom mobile app, even for business requirements. Android application development services are now available at quite affordable cost, particularly if the app project is outsourced to third partly developers. Now it’s possible for almost any business to hire developer at reasonable budget.
Why there is growing demand of Android application development from businesses?

  • Android based app development is affordable in comparison of developing apps for other platforms. Almost all technologies and tools required in Android development are available for free. So when businesses choose to go with Android, all they need to afford is to pay the fee of development.
  • Android itself is customizable if there is need of a business specific operation. Apps can be created with variety of custom features that are required in the execution of internal and external procedures of today’s business.
  • Android the software of Google which has already offered tens of applications businesses are using. These same applications are also supported in Android. If businesses needs support from Calendar, Doc, Drive, Maps, Gmail, and other Google applications for their own custom application, Android provides it.
  • Android has strong positioning for both smartphone and tablet. The market share of Android for both types of devices is increasing and of course giving more opportunities for businesses.


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