The 4 best tips to win in iOS app development

iOS app development

iOS app development
iOS app development is as popular as the iOS powered devices themselves. iOS, the mobile OS by Apple, has captured a considerable market segment, especially the one which actually buys apps and pays for in-app purchases. Both the iOS apps and device like iPhone / iPad powered by the OS, are also encouraging businesses to bring their online presence on mobile platforms. If you too are planning for iOS application development, here are the key things you should keep tabs on:
Layout creation for the content
A good design of iOS is largely focused in covering everything on the screen itself – no up-down scrolling. Follow the tree basic rules – Clarity, Deference, and Depth – of Apple iOS design. Here are explanations to each of them –
Clarity – make text large enough to be easily readable on mobile screen.
Deference – make the layout fluid and intuitive. Do not add too much shadowing, bezels and gradients.
Depth – upon scrolling from one screen to another, users should reach more detailed content
UI element creation with 3D Touch feature
A new developer will feel difficulties in moving from small buttons and links to larger things to make it easier for users selecting drop down items or tapping on elements. You can better understand these elements of design UI only in an iPhone. Take this example – users tap a drop down element and popup appears with the list of items which can be scrolled up and down. Upon choosing an item, the user is moved to the next element.
iOS application development experts know that design UI elements with 3D touch works quite differently with mobile in comparison of desktops. It means that the design elements should match the target platform. Developers need to take a look at standard elements for iOS and try creating standard UI elements which help an app becomes intuitive for users.
Use Error Handling to Trap Mistakes
Every coder, regardless of his/her years of experience, can make logic related errors. Users may enter an unexpected input that the coder never handled. Take this example – You added an input textbox for user’s area code in which you allowed alphabetic characters but forgot to check for special characters like exclamation point of question mark. Now if the app stores the date, numeric storage unit only, it is supposed to crash.
This is a type of logic error and it needs to be handled to prevent app from crashing.
Make an Intuitive Project Directory Structure
To make the coding of app simple; particularly if it’s an enterprise iOS app development, it’s necessary that developers create an intuitive project directory to let the project progress effortlessly. This is why because big projects are often handled by large teams and an intuitive project directly structure helps in better organization of these projects so that other developers can easily access to the code and work on / fix the issues.

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