The Best of the Apps you need to have while traveling to Dubai

the best travel apps in dubai

Are you going to Dubai? But, have you got the travel apps that will make your tour to Dubai easier?If you have not installed any such app, let me present a list of those travel apps which will fill your trip with full of fun.

The best travel app in Dubai is one which fulfills all your requirements during the journey. From, finding the best hotel to exploring the city, to discovering the most pleasant recreational activities, apps can help you in whatever you want to do in Dubai
Here is the list of apps
RTA Dubai
RTA Dubai
RTA Dubai App is free app for Android and iOS devices. The Top features of the app are as follows:

  • Finding the nearest bus and metro stations
  • Checking the balance and adding funds to Salik Card
  • Discovering the best of the locations of interest across Dubai
  • Managing taxi, finding vehicle parking, shopping destinations, healthcare facilities, etc
  • Finding RTA services for the people with physical disabilities
  • Calculating charges for different transportation options

Dubai Tourism
Dubai Tourism
The Dubai Tourism is also a great app available for the people traveling in Dubai. As the official app developed by the Department of Tourism & Commerce Marketing (DTCM), it provides the lists of worth visiting attractions, events and sights in the entire Dubai. The app also provides information about the local culture and can call a taxi or connect users with emergency assistance.
UAE Yellow Pages App:
Vox Cinemas
The UA Yellow Pages is another excellent best travel app in Dubai. The app makes a user’s trip to Dubai easier than their expectations.  Also, it helps users find information about the locations and working hours of various businesses, from small-big companies to a restaurant next-door to several other sorts of services.
Uber UAE App
Uber is a globally popular taxi booking app and, is best travel app in Dubai for booking taxi. It’s available as Uber UAE. The app can be installed on both Android and iOS handsets. It lets a passenger easily book taxi. Uber also offers UberCHOPPER, but it needs to be chosen through the app Uber app itself.
Dubai Mall App:
Dubai Mall App
The Dubai Mall App is available for both Android and iOS handsets and can be downloaded for free. It’s one of the largest shopping malls in the world. The app for this mall provides you full information for each of the stores in the mall. It has the 3D map helping you easily locate anywhere in the map.
Dubai Airports Apps
Dubai Airports Apps

The Dubai Airport is another app developed by the Department of Tourism to provide tourists with information on various attractions, shopping and dining spots, and accommodations. Also, the app has the calendar for local events with various sorts of deals and promotions.
Salik App:
Salik App
You are going to need the Salik app which is the part of Dubai’s electronic toll collection system known with the same name: Salik. The app helps customers manage their account in a better way. With this app, customers can check their balance and quickly transfer the funds from a bank to the card.
Vox Cinemas:
Vox Cinemas
If you wish to watch movies in Dubai but do not know where to go, the Vox Cinemas’ app is going to help you a lot. Available as free to download on Android and iOS devices, the app makes securing a seat in theater quite simpler
Time Out Dubai App:
Vox Cinemas
The Time Out Dubai app is available for free to download on Android and iOS devices. The app provides the best map embedded in the app along with helping users to find various places with their accurate locations. app
This is a must-to-download app for those people who are going to stay in Dubai for a long time. It provides lists of jobs in particular areas. Also, users can receive job alerts and statistics regarding the job alerts and also notifications upon someone checking your CV.

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  1. Agree. There are variety of apps which are making the life of easy but in my opinion food delivery apps are the one which people always love to have in their phones.

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