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app success

Is your app engaging enough so that it can keep users glued to it for hours? No matter what’s your app type and what industry it’s targeted to, its success is decided when it succeeds to content users and in return, receives their attention in terms of engagement.
app success
As experts have learned from own trial and errors, only the apps offering users with the opportunity of personalizing user-experience (UX) get to hit-lists.  Businesses hiring mobile app development firms need to learn everything about UX and then they should continue with development.
Also, if you already have an app with an average user-response, you can get it much better once you improve it at user-experience portion.
You can begin it by tracking user-behavior for following things

  • How many uninstalls does the app receive?
  • What percent of users do launch an app routinely?
  • How long users use it.
  • How frequently they use it again. 

This is how you will understand the behavior of your users to your app. Once you have the data, you can work on weave a stronger engagement strategy around following features, functions and factors:
Push Notifications
Push Notification is the best of features to rapidly deliver relevant message that will pop-on on the mobile screens. When these push notifications are personalized as per the specific group of users, they create better engagement to app.
Take the example of a shopping app to which a user has left items added into its cart for a long time. The user-behavior data will inform that particular user has added particular items to cart. Now by sending a push notification, the user could be encouraged for the conversion plus sending customized offers fitting his requirements can influence him to make a purchase.
Personalized Marketing – Sending push notifications are followed by personalized marketing which is all about the context of the content to be sent to the specific users.  It’s important that all users should be segmented in groups using funnels and cohorts along with demographics such as age, sex, city, previous purchases and various other factors. This level of personalized market for an app increases the user engagement and in result conversions too.
In-App Notifications – In-app notifications are another most effective way to increase user-engagement with an app. Its success fully depends on analytics. Based on user-behavior, you can trigger contextual app notifications customized for particular app-user segments and improve user-engagement and ultimately the ROI.
Real-time Business Insights – With real time business insights received via analytics and data science, businesses can learn where their users stand in their apps’ product-life-cycle. The more you have real-time updates about user-activity, the more you are ready to act on the mobile moment of the user.
Responsive Design – If there is no budget related constraints, it’s better you prefer native app development technologies over anything else. With native app development and designing method, mobile app development firms can design and develop fantastic UX with almost no trouble. Keep the design responsive so that it can easily be scaled and starched to any screen-size.
On-boarding – On-boarding decides how long users will retain an app. Prefer easier on-boarding approach so that first time users can easily adopt it. If there is sign-in required, make it simple with less requirements of providing inputs to the fields. The easier an app provides on-boarding, the longer it has time to be retained by users.
User Centric –  Of course an app needs to keep acquiring new users but then do not neglect the present active or inactive users in any sort of hast. Make sure you are giving equal attention to old users because old ones can easily  be converted into prospect while new ones will still take enough time.

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  1. Nice informative blog thanks for sharing.
    As per my research you need to know 3k’s for better app engagement.
    Know your Audience and what to resolve
    Know Customer’s interest
    Know how customers interacting with your app

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