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Are you a yoga instructor and planning to launch a yoga app to extend your reach? Indeed it’s good move because apart from extending your reach, you can also make money from your app. Here, in this post, we are going to summarize everything you need to know before launching a yoga app. Let’s begin but First thing first – Can a mobile app really be medium of income for yoga instructor? Yes it can be. If the app is content rich and designed to be a useful tool for those users who want to learn yoga then it can really make money. There are a number of monetization models that are used for monetizing from apps and many of them can also be implemented to a Yoga app too. Here is how these models can be used.

  • Subscription – By adopting subscription model you can let users access your content for a limited period of time.
  • In-app purchase – In app purchase work in both ways. The app can be provided for free but its premium content could only be accessed when users make payments. In the second way, app is provided as paid but many of the contents still require making in-app purchases.
  • In-app advertisement – In app advertisement is a simple way to make money from app but to generate satisfactory revenue from this method, the app needs to be downloaded by millions of users over the world and same applies on a Yoga app too.
  • Single sale or one time paid – Users need to pay for the app only for single time and it remains accessible throughout its lifespan.

How to make even more money with app? You can design more than one app – one for one purpose. For example XYZ Yoga App to burn belly fat, XYZ Yoga app to broadening chest, XYZ Yoga app to better eyesight and so on. Here, you will need to pay for the development fees at once whereas you will have multiple version of the app. The single code can be implemented for multiple numbers of apps; each of them is for instructing Yoga for individual health condition. Content / Instruction Presentation Methods The app has to be content-rich to grab the attention users. Content or instruction can be presented in more than one way:

  • Image with text instruction – it will keep the size of app smaller but when every time users need to do new yoga, they will need to hold the mobile in hand and read  instructions
  • Image with voice instruction – it is the best way to present instructions. Image sliders with voice can be used to present the content in an interactive way. The app will remain moderate in size.
  • Small video clips (real models or 3D characters) – The app will be able to buffer video online and show them to users.
  • Gamification – it’s a new way to encourage users to do more. The app will provide content in the form of game. Different levels can be created and upon completing each of them, users will receive points. The progress can also be shared with other users in the community to create a healthy competition.

Why App for Yoga  People are busy in their life. Work-related schedules are tight enough, not giving people with additional time to go out and attend yoga classes. Here, a yoga app comes as a handy tool providing easy access to Yoga instructions presented graphically – either via image or via video. The app provides step by step process to perform Yoga. Users need not to go out of their home to attend to Yoga classes. A Yoga app can provide better explanation to each Yoga position / posture performed by users. It will cost a few dollars while users may have to spend 100X of the app cost to learn Yoga by physically attending the Yoga classes.
Here are the top 5 Yoga apps of 2017
Yoga Studio

No doubt Yoga Studio is an expensive application featuring an impressive range asanas and readymade classes. Also, users can build a class as per their need of performing Yoga. It offers pre-designed classes just a touch away. It’s the best Yoga app for beginner, intermediate and advanced practitioners.
Daily Yoga

Daily Yoga is another great app that provides content in the most creative way. It’s available as both – a free app and paid app. It provides five free sessions before you pay for extensions. Content is provided in simplest way so that newbie can get hand of yoga quickly.
Pocket Yoga
Pocket Yoga
Pocket Yoga comes for $3 but provides rich content of 27 sessions to keep up your schedule at your comfort. Keep your smartphone in front of you and get guided for a variety of Yoga postures and positions.
Universal Breathing
Universal Breathing
Do you want to unwind, relax and rejuvenate with an Yoga, Universal Breathing is the app that will help you a lot. This app is aimed at bringing the right balance in users life through providing relaxation meditations.
Yogify is the best free Yoga app available. It is the wealthiest one with 275 and more asanas. Also, you can choose music of your choice. 35 sessions are free and then pay 1.99 for one class.

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