Why you should build your e-Commerce store with Magento

dedicated technology

If you run a retail store and want to sell online, technologies are already available to easily design and develop an e-commerce platform. It’s also not a big deal to find the best of the e-commerce website developers as well as get the end-product implemented in lowest budget, without any compromise in quality.
So launching an e-commerce store isn’t difficult, but handling it with an ease entirely depends on its CMS – the content management system. Yes, it’s the CMS of an e-retail store which allows administrator to effortlessly update content, media and also, track various –user-behaviors, analyze customers & responses, introduce new things without any major customization and a lot more.
Magento serves all these purposes quite intelligently. The open-source version of Magento is powerful enough to handle small-medium e-commerce websites without any trouble. There are two other versions – Enterprise-Edition and Cloud-Edition – which are recommended for large e-commerce companies.
Whatever version you use for your e-commerce store according to your business’ size and sort, there are certain advantages about building it with Magento. Believe me these advantages will not let you look anywhere else.


open source
There is no short of retailers all around the world. In fact, the market is built by retailers only. So what holds them back to not go online? Of course, it’s the cost of development. There may be multiple things a store owner may need to invest in before launching an e-commerce website. From investing in technology to paying to developers for implementation of these technologies, to customization and maintenance – store owners have to invest a lot before seeing their stores launched online.
But Magento is free. The Magento Open Source edition – as its name itself suggests – is absolutely free. In spite of being free, this version includes all features and functions that can easily accomplish the requirements of any small-medium and even big retail business.

A dedicated technology

dedicated technology
Unlike other CMSs which are tweaked to work for e-commerce stores with add-ons and forced customizations, Magento is the technology purposely designed for e-commerce stores only. So with this technology, your e-commerce website developers have to invest little time in setting up the store and making customizations if required.  The store comes with readymade dashboard, inventory of shipping managing and product integration, Google Analytics and lots of others.
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No limitation to choose specific hosting service provider

hostingMany e-commerce technologies packages are self-facilitated which means you have to depend on their own hosting services. The Open Source Edition of Magento does not depend on its own hosting which means you can choose your hosting service provider at your convenient.


The one key reason that makes Magento the best class technology for e-commerce store as well as e-commerce website development around the world is its compatibility with the most retailing business-types. If something doesn’t fit your need, the customization does not require enough time or money. Developers can easily implement things to make it adaptable to your requirements.

Fully search engine optimized and responsive for small-screen devices

Magento is a search engine friendly e-commerce CMS which means there is no need of putting significant efforts in on-page search engine optimization of a website. Also, it’s fully responsive which makes it suitable for small screen devices like tablets and mobile phones. But make sure you choose a mobile-optimized theme which can deliver you better results.

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