How to build an enterprise app that employees really want to use

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Companies are rushing to bring their work-procedures on mobile apps but are these apps appealing enough so that employees can engage with them? When seeing most of the enterprise app development examples, we can easily spot  that user-experience isn’t taken seriously and in result, employees find it hard to relate themselves to the app besides its usefulness.
No doubt developers behind these enterprise apps are missing something very important which isn’t letting employees connect to the practical worth of these apps. Here in this post, we try to take notes on the most vital things which developers need to concentrate on while designing and developing compelling apps for enterprise operations.
But before we discuss about what makes a successful enterprise app, we need to understand that there are differences in creating an enterprise app and creating an engaging enterprise app. A Gartner’s report says that the demand of mobile apps would increase five times faster than what developers and IT departments can fulfill. This will of course create a gap between demand and supply and indeed, affect the quality of the app. Businesses need to make sure that apps being implemented for employee-use aren’t finished up only to meet minimal requirements. They must have engaging attributes too. 
Learn everything about your brand
The very first step when it comes to creating apps for consumers is that you learn everything about the audience. The same applies on enterprise application development too.  A user is user whether it’s consumer and employee. Better experience keeps users engaged with app. So if you do not know everything about users, you would not be able to make an app that they really want to engage with.
In most cases, enterprise application are developed by in-house development team having limited experienced in creating engaging user-experience. But they too can create engaging app if they carefully look at the requirements.
Developers can directly talk to employees to understand the work culture of departments. They need to conduct an in-depth research on the entire process of work and operations which need to be executed through the mobile app.
Also, a part of development of the successful enterprise app is to think how the app will engage employees who already work under pressure to finish routine operations.
Aesthetics are required even for internal apps
app design
Don’t underrate the aesthetics of an app. Often time developers ignore the look and feel of enterprise app because they think that the app will be used only by employees. But as we know, aesthetics have psychological effect. Developers need to look at the whole app for its aesthetics elements such as clearness, simplicity and user-friendliness.
Consider the platform
When it comes to build enterprise apps for employees, always target the most common platform in use. Android is the widely used mobile platform with more than 85% of global market share. Android powered smartphones are affordable which means almost every employee will be able use smartphone and so enterprise app solutions.
The other thing to consider when targeting employees is that what sort of devices they use. As per the findings of a Gartner’s report, employees use an average of three devices on routine basis.  Same report also takes notes on wearable devices and the Internet of Things.
It’s now turning out to be important for developers to stretch an app to new forms of devices because an average employee may use 5 to 6 different device daily.
Involve IT department of your company in the development.
If you have hired a third party developer, make sure you are involving your IT team in the project. It’s not because you do not let them feel you are replacing their job by hiring other developers but it because IT department can notice various details of the development which you may not.
Friendly competition
After the app is completed, a big challenge is to encourage employees for using it. This can be done by beginning competitions between different departments and employees of the company. You can also announce some rewards for employees who will actively use the mobile application.

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