Building a mobile app? Do this, but don’t do this.

Future of commerce, market, communication and entertainment now belongs to mobile. By dedicated mobile app development most of the desktop based computing operations can be brought to mobile platforms. Many businesses realize this truth, and thus they are slowly moving their ventures to the mobile-space.
So living in the mobile world and depending on these small handheld computers isn’t a short-term pseudo-trend, and it  the isn’t going to end any time soon. Consider it a permanent shift; it’s same kind of shift when people abandoned typewriters for desktop computers and then never looked back.
A huge public opinion has already been built around preferring mobile+apps over desktops. It can’t be changed now. Businesses are assuming that shifting in mobile app-world will open them to countless opportunities and will keep them relevant to the ongoing trend and technologies. But there is no deny from the question that does a custom mobile application development really increase revenue?
The answer may be both – a yes or a no. It’s why because the success of a mobile app development depends on several factors. First, it matters that who is mobilizing your enterprise app. A real developer isn’t one who tries to implement the idea as it’s conceived by its originator or if we clearly say, by the client but a real developer is one who thoroughly researches on the app idea, suggest corrections or additions according to the market demand and then begin the process of implementing it.
A real developer is also one who knows all the do’s and don’ts of a mobile application development project. Let us help you spot all those do’s and don’ts that affect app development.

Make the app with approach – ‘consumer first’ and ‘consumer last’

The ultimate goal of a mobile app based marketing strategy is to reach consumers; regardless of place and time. So while building an app, a mobile developer needs to think with approach  ‘consumer first’ and ‘consumer last’. Apart from targeted consumers, the developers should also pay attention on those consumers too who can talk back to the brand.
The app developers have to enrich the app with things like mobile coupons, games, media, payment, location, easy social sharing, precise production details, easy  feedback and comment posting place, rating, etc.

Ignoring the navigation, user experience, UI and flow map.

Of course an enterprise or marketing app includes a lot of things but the app developers should be able to put higher level of organization while designing the app. The navigation, user-experience, user-interface and flow-map of the app is supposed to be customized in a way so that people with little or no tech-savvy skills can also move through the app. Keep things neat and clean and only one or two taps away so it can easily engage users with your brand or product.

Build it with thinking mobile in mind.

In spite of the fact that today’s mobile phones can replicate most of the features of a PC, apps for these two platforms are developed with two separate approaches. Smartphones have several additional capabilities such as camera for image capturing / video recording, GPS for location services, SIM based data connectivity, touch screen and several other sensors which can make an app as an ultimate tool.  The developer must be able to utilize these features in app that suits mobility and mobile users.

Go cross-platform carefully.

Each platform is different and as are their users too. So you cannot simply port the code of an app to multiple platforms. The mobile developers need to target each platform the way it requires. This will help them ensure optimal experience in the end product. It is important while building an app for more than one platform, the developers should finish-up different versions of an app with keeping individual features  of each of the platforms in mind.
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