Business are investing much more in mobile apps


According to the survey conducted by Red Hat, 90 percent of companies have plans to increase investment in mobile application development by the end of 2016. The respondents of this survey said that they will increase the expenditure on mobile apps up to 24%.


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It hints that mobility is gradually turning out to be one of the core business strategies and many of companies are even putting mobile in the center.
This survey includes 200 organizations from private sector as well as 2,500 employees in the United States and Western Europe. These respondents also indicated their organizations are planning to build as an average of 21 custom apps in coming two years. It is a clear 40% growth in the number of apps organizations implemented in last two years.
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The growing implementation of mobile apps suggests the organizations are learning how mobility can simplify different internal and external operations in their course.  35 percent of the responds participated in the Red Hat’s survey said that their lives have changed the way they conduct business. 37% of them have automated their existing business practices using apps and 24% are bringing web apps on mobile platform.
It gives clear view that businesses are not only implementing mobile apps but also making changes in current IT infrastructures to make them work on mobile platforms. 37% of respondents said that they are putting mobility in the core of their IT strategy by adopting institute of Mobile Center Excellence.

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