Businesses can go for Google glass!

Google has begun to sell Google Glass online. It’s named as Google Glass Explorer edition, available in multiple colors like white, black, grey blue or red. Anyone wishing to spend $1500 can now buy this head mounted wearable gadget.
Some experts have already tried this device but now it’s available for any Tom, Dick or Harriet to be bought as a normal product but its advantages aren’t limited to individual users only. There are scopes for businesses and companies too. It can be a potentially life-saving and productivity-enhancing device for medical world. It can help maintenance personals in an industrial facility where they face tangible hazards every day. The device can make remind them things or procedures on time. It can free hands of technicians while they are performing a step-by-step process with both hands.
It can be used in inventory and stock purposes. A company has in fact provided Google Glass to their warehouse employees. With an app, warehouse employees can ensure that stock they picked, was properly picked and shipped. Google Glass can be a great help in managing warehouse inventory. In the company where it was used for managing inventory, the device did not only speed up efficiency but also decreased error rate.
This new device has also introduced latest opportunities for Android developers. Many Android developers are showing interest in creating apps for Google Glass for both individual and business users. Google Glass is giving Android app developers an opportunity to build an app, or what Google says Glassware, for an idea that has not been thought before.
It also gives businesses a way to constantly create online presence. Android is in the core and thus it has several smartphone capabilities. It can be a great tool for sharing digital side of your business. It is a perfect device for sharing something on social media pages while you are on the go. It makes you spot on, prepares to capture photos even when you are not ready. You can take 5-10 seconds to prepare the camera of your smartphone but with this device, all you need to do is say – “ok glass, take a picture” and it’s done. You can say “ok glass, record a video” for recording a video.
Google Glass could be useful device for sales persons. They can quickly pull up relevant information without being interrupted in an ongoing conversation.
There can be limitless scopes with device like Google Glass and they will come in light when individuals and businesses will use in practical.

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