Businesses’ cold response to “upgrading to new OS” is shrinking PC market.

Of course, PC market is experiencing bad time. Response from corporate world to PCs seems to be rather cold. Companies are not upgrading their PCs to new versions of operating systems. According to an estimation of Gartner and IDC, global PC market shrank between 5.2 to 6.7 percent during the first quarter of this year.


Many companies from the business world have stopped updating from Windows XP to latest Windows PC OS versions that simply means some of them are still using the same old versions of operating systems which were launched more than a decade ago. However major share of Windows is held by Windows 7. According to 3 leading data analysis firms Net Market Share, Stat Counter and W3Counter, the average share of Windows 7 was 50% as of December 2014 despite the fact that this OS version was also launched in 2009 and Microsoft has launched 2 more OS versions – 8 and 8.1 in the period of 5 years.
The average market share of Windows XP, according to above said data analysis firms, was 13.5% in comparison of 10.22% of the version 8.1 and 3.85% of the version 8 till December 2014. These are pretty disappointing market-share figures for the adoption of Windows’ latest versions.
Same is the case with other desktop operating systems as Businesses around the world aren’t propping up the market as they were doing in 2014. IDC has claimed that PC makers are experiencing the lowest volume of PC shipments since 2009.
The experts of the field believe that the launch of Windows 10 will help PC makers in recovering themselves, however; they still have to wait for this summer.

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