This is called a killer app!

This is the world of apps. They are becoming as important as other basic things. In office, at home, during journey and while sleeping, apps are with us to help in a variety of ways. The alarm wakes up us is an app. The game that’s our pastime during spare hours or in subway is an app. The mobile tool that tracks our sleeping pattern is also an app. Just look at the life of an average individual of today’s time and you would be surprised that the first thing he interacts with in the morning is app and the last thing he turns at night is also an app. So we are in the world of app and we are part of it.
On the other hand, app developers are always in search of those app development tactics which can make them rich and famous. They want to make a killer app – an app that buzz their talents to whole world and can make handsome money too. Designers, developers, entrepreneurs, businesses and individuals want to stun the world with their apps but it isn’t that much easy.
A killer or stunning app is often found with following traits:

  • It can glue people to use it for several hours a day, on regular basis. It applies particularly on apps aimed at entertainment or gaming. An app which turns out to be addiction for users is a killer app.
  • It returns true value on money spent by users. Any app that’s worth being paid an amount should return equal value. An app with this feature is a killer app.
  • It solves a problem, at least. Whether it’s need of entertainment or education. An app that is master in solving the issue it’s created for, is killer app.
  • It makes users’ life easier.  A trait of smartly executing what users want, makes users’ life easier.  An app with this feature is killer one.
  • It connects them emotionally. If a game has such story that connects users with protagonist, it connects them emotionally.
  • It creates space for itself in lives of people. It should create a need even when users do not directly need it.
  • It turns out to a habit, sometimes. If an app turns out to be habit of users, has power to wake up them in nights, then it’s of course falls in the category of killer app.
  • It should be simple enough to handle complex issues. People want simplicity in whatever they do. They want to reach office through such ways where there is no traffic. They don’t want to wait in queues. They want whether alerts in simple ways. They want complex things done in simple way.
  • It is fast, secure, and easy to use. Apps for enterprise, business related internal and external procedures are supposed to be fast and secure. If an app fulfills these objectives, it’s of course a killer app.

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