Can mobile help homeless people who don't have food?

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Yes, it can. Mobile is going beyond limitations and proving to be useful for people who think it is as a gadget of leisure. How about a smartphone app helping homeless people who do not have enough food?

komal ahmad feeding forward

On a day in 2011 when Komal Ahmad was walking near campus, she was approached by a homeless man, asking for money to buy food. But she didn’t give her cash; instead, she invited that man to have lunch. While they were eating, she was surprised by knowing the fact that the man has been soldier and recently returned from Iraq. It’s his bad luck so he is bagging for food.
It was the incident that bothered Komal Ahmad or you can say encouraged her to do something for people who do not have sufficient food. She took only a month to set up a program that allowed the dining halls of schools to donate extra foods to those who are homeless and need food. The program has expanded to 140 college campuses across the US just in the three year of time.
She has launched a website and mobile app – Feeding Forward. It’s nonprofit service that matches businesses having surplus food with nearby homeless shelters. There is simple procedure behind the plan. Companies and event planners having extra food can tap Feeding Forward app and donate through it. Soon a driver is sent to collect the food to deliver it at the food bank.
Having excessive food is really serious problem in the US. It’s really shocking to know that in America, food equivalent of a football stadium filled to its brim is wasted every day. On the other hand, 15 percent or nearly one in six people do not have enough food.
So far Feeding Forward, that’s now operating only in San Francisco Bay area, has collected more than 684,000 pound of food and fed it to more than 570,000 people.
Collecting food and giving it to needy ones is process that requires quick access or participants. Often time leftover food has limited self-life. The whole process of collecting and delivering food requires quick actions and here app is truly the best help to react for the availability of surplus.
Disclaimer – The name of the website, app or anything has been mentioned just for information purpose.

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