Can there be a rivalry between iPad and Windows y tablets?

We will soon see a tough fight between iPad and Windows 8 tablets. There may be a competition between both to carve their niches in the global market, and of course one will win, and other has to lose. But hold, can this seriously happen? It comes out after a close observation that these are two separate tablets, and they actually fascinate separate users. iPad has been attracting individual consumers, whereas Windows 8 tablets will have their better place at enterprises.
A tablet is doubtlessly an entertaining device as you can use it to browse the web, play games, listen to music and read books. iPad is the ideal device for this purpose, though users can send mails, and organize meetings through it. So iPad can be used for both entertainment and professional operations.
Windows 8 tablets will also have these features. Most are assuming that Windows 8 tablets are perfect for professional tasks, but these tabs have also been optimized for consumers.
Still whenever we hear about iPad, we actually imagine lots of forms of entertainment. Enterprises require productivity and manageability, and with iPad it appears to a bit difficult. On the other hand, Windows’ operating systems have been synonymous with productivity, performance, functionality and multitasking, and so are expected for the Windows 8 tablets.
It concludes that iPad will continue to dominate the consumer segment and for enterprise level computing, Windows can turn out to be the first choice.

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