Be careful as many of today’s apps fall short of expectation.

Teams responsible for handling corporate business matters are rushing to create mobile apps. They are even associating with outsider mobile app development companies. But it’s difficult to say whether they are fully focused or not on what they really want to achieve. When it comes to developing business apps, there are basically two categories for them: the ones which are meant to prospect / customer-engagement and others, which are aimed to streamline business processes.

Be careful as many of today’s apps fall short of expectation.

Looking at the new statistics about the less availability of development talent as well as the research about what spans user-attention, businesses might want to prioritize the latter. There is certainly the requirement of a reality check about how it’s possible to reach or become a branded mobile application. Also, app download does not also indicate success; however, many organizations still take this mark as a primary indicator. Tons of apps are just filling space at app-stores without even having average at user experience.
Needless to say that people use all the apps if they have hundreds or more in their devices. Most users do have a handful of testy apps and they access to these ones only. Often time it depends not just on a person but, what the person has to do on a particular day. They are called mobile moments as dubbed by Forrester Research. Consider it a special event or a point where users access the smartphone for searching information in a particular moment, not in case where they have temptation of doing it. For now requirement is ruling over persuasion because there is few apps that really stimulate users and the experience they want to have.
But that doesn’t mean mobile app development trend is now the setting sun. No. It’s not. In fact, there are clouds in the sky of mobile app development or dense fog at its landscape. Things aren’t clearly visible and being implemented without proper preparation or research.  Hours long usages are turning into mobile moment. Are users responsible for this shift? No. They aren’t. Responsible are mobile app development teams who are lacking at implementing apps that can inspire users.
Even if an app is worth managing just mobile moments, not long hours, it can monetize or, in case of a business app, it can become a part of the better customer relationship. All depends how well it’s treated by teams working for apps but one thing is certain and in fact visible clearly that many of today’s mobile apps fall short of users’ expectation. There is strong need of change for a better future of mobility, apps and the whole mobile technology.

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