Google I/O 2017 Highlights


Now Google I/O annual developer conference is no more a developer conference only? After a decade, it has become a platform from where Google announces new things and shows off its latest technologies that the company will launch in future. Same happened in the recently held Google I/O 2017 in …

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How to stay safe from ransomware like WannaCry

WannaCry, the latest ransomware locks your files and demands to make payment to regain access. If you don’t do that, your device will remain locked and in result, you will not be able to access your data.
As of now and according to software security companies, this latest malicious software …

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Expect the unexpected: APP DEVELOPMENT at heavy CHRISTMAS and NEW YEAR OFFERS!!!

Are you running one of these businesses?

 ecommerce  grocery  realestate social networking enteprise
 M-commerce  Grocery Real estate  Social Networking  Enterprise 
 restaurant  health  medicinedelivery  gaming  elarning
 Restaurant Health  Medicine delivery Gaming  Education

Don’t you still have an app to get advantages of the current festive season?

i dont



How about getting your app built at heavy discounts?


Yes, it’s true. Mobile

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The Google I/O 2013 Highlights

The latest Google I/O conference was held between 15 and 17 May this month. The major focus of Google in this conference was on Google Class. After tons of speculations, Google introduced its head mounted AR device.

google glass

The highlights further cover the rebuilt Google Maps and its integration with Google …

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