Physical or virtual keypad?

Another faceoff issue! Who will win in the fight for QWERTY vs. Virtual keypad? For and old skool, T9 typing is good choice. Let’s leave them off. But the changing trend in mobile keypad has captured the hearts and minds of the today’s users.

It is being one of …

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Apps, Apps, Apps! Now mainstream advertisement!

Have you ever seen advertisement of mobile apps? Now Apps are everywhere; be it newspaper, TV or billboard. Wherever you go in USA, UK, you can find advertisements of mobile apps in newspaper, TV, billboard and hoarding on your way. Sometime we found soap-opera storyline to advertise any mobile app …

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Google Netbook!


A few months back, we found a poll on if Google Chrome OS targets for netbooks. It was in an online forum where majority voted for netbook powered by Google Chrome OS.

Since then there was obviously much hype on Chrome powered netbook. And it would be the first …

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Adobe responded for the first time!

software outsourcingAdobe has now responded to the message of Apple regarding the future of Flash. Rather it is better to say that Adobe left us a valid question like who controls the World Wide Web. According to Adobe’s comment, the answer might be ‘nobody’ or ‘everybody’; but certainly not a …

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