Common mistakes in mobile game development projects

The approach you need.

A mobile game development project wants a commitment from developers . All projects are expensive, tiring and demanding. Whether it’s lone developers or investors, they both will need enough time, energy and of course money.

Sound makes a difference.

Sounds make difference in each and every mobile game development project. Sometimes, developers tend to ignore sounds for various game actions. They are recommended to create sounds that fit exactly the design and theme.

Copying an idea is mistake.

Have you played all the clones of Angry Birds available on iTunes or Google Play? Getting inspired from someone’s idea is fine, but it turns out to be a sin when you copy it. It is good you get inspired and then create something unique. But it is too difficult to be unique.  Many people choose to go through easiest way.

Ignoring a marketing plan is another mistake.

This is a common mistake that quite often occurs because of ignorance. There are hundreds of games which have been released on the Play Store without a marketing plan. They have good quality, still users hardly download them. They lack because of a poor or no marketing plan. Do not do this mistake with your project.

Do not expect an overnight grand success.

In spite of a fantastic idea, it takes time to get a satisfactory position in gaming market.  You cannot expect to be an overnight millionaire. Do not think that games like Angry Birds and Temple Run were the first apps their developers created. You can learn what special they added to their apps.

Avoid making the release date a mystery.

Game creators want to hide their games till the release date and expect a million downloads in a night. This is not possible. You need to release demo, talk people and ask their feedbacks for adding more features. Maintain a blog or forum, and invite users to discuss game related topics, because people are not going to have a dream that a rocking gaming app is out in the market.

Do not get discouraged by Negative people.

Mobile app development has turned into a competitive industry. If you have a successful idea, you have critics too. You may come across lots of naysayers. But all you have to do is do not get discouraged by these people.
If you do not make these mistakes or make corrections for them in your current development, you take the entire project close to success.
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