How To Create Right UX Making An App Stand Out Of The Crowd?

UX designing

UX designing
Mobile app development has turned quite competitive these days. Unless an app delivers fantastic user experience (UX), it will not reach the desired level of success. So what exactly is required to create an amazing UX that makes app stand out of the crowd?
Before we learn about UX, here is the best strategy to set your app apart among others in the race:

  • First find a niche which is not fully severed so far. Plan the app around improving it and keep your focus on one thing at a time.
  • Indentify who your user group and market segment are through competitive analysis, market research and user-interviews
  • Keeping your focus narrow, on single objective, will certainly return you with huge growth-potential to expand outside.
  • Invest in marketing strategy because people aren’t going to have a dream that you have created a great product. A proper marketing help them know about your app.

A great app is one that does one thing really well and then gradually expands its service. It than earns respect from users. Mobile app developers do it by knowing their audience in deep and understanding their requirements in detail. If a great design is combined with great UX, the end-product becomes stable and fast.
The fundamental principle for UX is that you design it with keeping end user in mind. Make sure everything being added to the app’s experience is easy to digest, obvious and succinct. Try to explain things as clearly as possible, in a language that is universally understood.
To become more trustworthy to users, explain honestly that why your app is accessing certain permissions. Do not deviate from the guidelines of app without any purpose. It’s valuable to bring familiarity between apps and platform as it weaves in this intuitive element. Apart from this, the design and UX should correlate to ecosystem, too.
There are certain mistakes to be avoided so that you do not feel guilty later. Some new mobile app developers are spotted to do too much with their apps. Often time the first version of the app is seen with more than enough features. With too much features being created, development team takes more time and of course, the initial budget is compromised.
To design better UX, the responsible team must have a better UX toolkit. Professional UX designers have already moved to Sketch for wire-framing and comps. Some of them are even using IA/user flow or Omnigraffle for more complex designing. Sketch is good tool and it also allows you to test mobile layouts on a live device with its handy app called Mirror. Other tools include InVision for for client presentation and rapid prototyping and Principles for quick animation, testing and refining interactions. Zeplin is another good tool used for exporting assets and style guides. Then there is Confluence for approval and documentation of edits. But still, do not forget whiteboard and a lot of sticky notes. They always work better than anything noted digitally.

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