What are the current Mobile App Trends in Medical, Health, and Fitness Industries?

Adopting mobile technology is a new trend in health, fitness and medical industries. With a growing number of mobile devices, we are seeing a lot of mobile app developments for medical, health and fitness industries.  More and more doctors and patients are nowadays using mobile apps for easily managing chronic conditions, increasing efficiency, information exchange, remote monitoring, clinical reference and a lot of other things.

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Taking care of chronic conditions
Take the example of chronic health issues like asthma, diabetes, heart & kidney diseases, blood pressure obesity, arthritis, etc. To manage these conditions, patients need to visit doctors on regular intervals. But if they are not able to do that, there are apps to take care of them. These apps monitor related conditions with the inputs provided by patients and then suggest them with alerts like whether a disease is under control or not well controlled, poorly controlled, etc.
These apps let users rate the level of current conditions based on disease symptoms, and compare them what historical trends. Results can also be showed in graphs and several different visual readouts. These apps can also prepare charts / graphs for logging blood glucose levels, exercise, diet, medications, etc. An app for kidney diseases can help patients track their consumption of sodium, phosphorus, protein, potassium and suggest the list of foods that add high nutrition value to their health. Apps can track blood pressure when patients provide inputs of systolic and diastolic BP, weight, arterial pressure and pulse pressure calculations.
These apps do not only help patients tracking their various health conditions and taking control of information but also let them create personal records which help other patients too. Often time it happens at no or little cost that patients spend in purchasing app subscriptions.
Improved efficiency
With more data in hands of doctors, efficiency improves and that’s why many doctors ask patients to use particular apps and keep adding their routines and health progress to them. With right sort of apps, doctors and other health care providers can efficiently take care of patients, track data and build patient-service provider relationships and even simplify various administrative functions.
With these apps patients can easily take appointments, connect doctors remotely in case they are living in areas where health services aren’t easily accessible and even get general health advice. Apps will also free patients from the burden of carrying records every time they visit their doctor.  Records can be maintained digitally and synced with patient’s own phone via an app.
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Information exchange
Say a patient is suffering from diabetes and the doctor asks him to regularly input all his dieting details into the app for tracking his health. The doctor can reach the database, explore it and calculate the sugar intake of the whole day dieting. If there is anything up or down, the doctor can send personalized alerts and advise changes to patient accordingly. The whole process can also be automated if doctors cannot maintain records of each of the patients personally. Here information exchange between doctor-patient keeps control over various sorts of diseases, especially chronic ones.
Remote monitoring
One of the most powerful features of any smartphone is the ability to connect two users through video conferencing without much effort or need of duct tape and bubble gum. It happens in just a few taps. When the same feature integrated into a mobile app development for medical or health, patients living in remote areas get a life-savior tool helping them in emergencies.  A remote monitoring medical app enables doctors to engage and communicate with their patients using smartphone or tablet. Doctors can anytime access the data of patients, offer them personalized monitoring, reply their queries, create network with other doctors, etc
In areas where medical services are either not available or distanced too far from the reach, a medical app can help patients to reach doctors remotely.
Clinical reference
There are many apps for clinical reference. They provide doctors with vast information right at their fingertips. They can access a variety of clinical information such as drug reference. Apps for clinical reference can also be used by patients looking for information about their symptoms and related suggestions.
Scopes of bringing smart mobility in medical and health sectors are unlimited. Modern devices are packed with such features which can really be useful in a number of health conditions and with right short of apps, smartphones and tablets can also become personal health/fitness adviser too.
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