Current state of mobile application development technology

It’s safe to say that mobile application development has grown a level where it can be used in multiple areas. Companies and individuals engaged in mobile application development are experimenting new things, tailoring available technologies and features to find out something that has not been created yet. Take the example of virtual reality, 3D and augmented reality technologies. These three are advancing day by day and developers are really using them ahead of conventional ways. Virtual reality to go beyond game app development as experts of the field suggest. A company recently demoed how VR can transport users to a video & audio virtual reality which has a museum where a lively T-Rex awaited with menace. It also showed how VR technology can create feeling of being lifted to the top of a skyscraper.

3D graphics technology has also caught the attention of a number of mobile developers. Mobile applications with 3-D Technology is being made possible by developers who are using it in their mobile application development projects. Platforms like iOS and Android have already been prepared to provide excellent support to 3D graphics based applications. With 3-dimension representation of geometrics data, gaming object can be treated to appear with great details and can also look more like real.

Augmented reality technology too has good scopes in a variety of mobile application developments. Developers are already experimenting AR technology in gaming apps but apart this, AR can be used in other areas too. An AR app for grocery stores by IMB showed how this technology can have innovative uses. They created an app that help users received personalized product recommendation, tips and coupons while scanning store shelve through smartphone’s camera. By blending digitally generated object into real world, the technology of AR can let people see what really does not exist.

Google is also use AR technology by launched its own head mounted AR device dubbed as Glass. Google Glass has been spotted to have a number of good features that can be used in different areas. Google Glass and Augmented Reality slowly getting accretion and more people have begun to adopt it.  It still at initial stage of development but it may still be tens of steps ahead that of other have so far tried to offer so far.

Location technology in mobile is also a good feature which has great potential of being used at multiple areas. With the use of location based services in mobile app development, it’s easier to have better means of advertising and promoting a business. Location-feature implementation to a mobile allows a business’ outlets and stores sending specific offering like coupons and discount information to users of particular area. Things like loyalty rewards, location based search, location-based mobile advertisement can also be implemented.

So geo-location can also help companies thrive in sales. Apart this it can help companies analyze user behavior and form sales-development plans accordingly. If retail business-owners are able to identify the goals to be fulfilled, they can really help kick the sales up

Now mobility has entered in automobile sector too. Of course it’s not surprise because companies have been trying to adopt mobile technology by enable moderate level of support. The biggest revolution that mobility can bring in automobile sector is avoiding serous collation between vehicles jumping red light. With built in GPS and WI-FI, which can behave like radar technology but do not cost as expensive as the real radar, collision avoidance system can be designed. Mobility can be cheap alternative of bulky, costly radar-camera bases collision avoidance system. Also mobile applications can be designed to fetch real time information about traffic jams, parking availability, road works and a lot of other things straight the device fitted on the dashboard.

There is one more important technology called Near Field Communication. Many mobiles are nowadays coming enabled with NFC technology which can be used in various sorts of applications. It can be better option for contact-less payment system directly at the point of sales. With right app and integrated wallet people can pay without waiting in lines. It can be used in reading special offers and various sorts of coupons. Many experts have suggested using NFC on billboard and smart poster. Tickets can be stored while travelling. NFC can also be used in various sorts of authorized access. NFC can help in simplifying transportation and parking access system.

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