Design and Production Glitches Delay iPhone5’s Launch

There is a rumor that due to some supply chain glitches with iPhone 5 touch screen there will be a slight delay in the launch of it in October. Wintek, Apple’s touch screen manufacturer is having problem with the components of iPhone 5. The supply chain problem is due to delayed bubble effect which the manufacturer Wintek could not detect during the lamination of the touch panels and the same was found only during the assembly of the phone.
As a result of this delay it is expected that Apple will not be able to ship 25 to 26 million iPhone 5 units as per their plans during the 4th quarter of the financial year. But the manufacturer of the display screen for the iPhone, Wintek, declared that there are no defects and all the products manufactured by them will be delivered on time. Taiwan based TPK holdings accounts for 60-65 percent of the share to be delivered and Wintek accounts for 20-25 percent of the share.
With the continued delays due the design and the production of iPhone 5 how many handsets can be shipped will be known only when it is launched. As of now we can say that the truth will be known only in when iPhone 5 will be launched.

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