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Websites are mostly developed in java, .net and PHP and out of them; PHP is the most popular open source language that designs dynamic web pages nowadays. Initially, full form of PHP was “Personal Home Page” but over the period of time it changed to “Hypertext Pre-processor”.  If you want a complete and purposeful website that too for lesser price then developing it in PHP is the best solution.
Many popular content management systems like Drupal, Joomla, Magento, WordPress is PHP based. With PHP scripting language website developers can improve the functions and looks of the website. Developing a customised website becomes easy by mixing PHP with HTML one of the most preferred programming languages by website developers.
By saying that PHP is user friendly, it means it has easy formats, techniques and features that are smoothly clenched by the website developers. Using PHP increases efficiency and usability to make effective websites. Developing websites with PHP processes data quickly in the backend. One more added advantage of PHP is that it is compatible with all operating systems such as Windows, UNIX, Linux, so no need to install a specific operating system in your machine.
Cost is a major concern in today’s time; hence PHP is the best solution for those who offer website development solutions. Its low priced nature makes it easy to design, develop, modify and customise a website. Above all, it can be painlessly integrated with all major web applications.
The fame of PHP is spreading worldwide at a great pace. Famous portals like Facebook and Yahoo are PHP based. No paid software is required for developing a website in PHP. It’s safe and secure application makes it support different popular databases like MySQL, Oracle, Sybase etc. PHP involves minimum coding to develop a new website and aid in server side scripting.
PHP has an upper hand over Java and .NET. Cost factor and experience required makes PHP better than Java and .NET. Being based on open source language there is no license cost involved in PHP hence affordable and preferable by website developers.

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  1. Your post is very informative and more interesting. I like it very much and it is more useful for me to develop the php.

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