Different types of social networking applications

It’s hard to attempt to list the types of social networking applications; still, we can at least count a few of them. But before this, do we know it clearly that what social networking is all about?
Let me help you in explaining social networking applications. Social networking is all about communicating formally with other people or finding people of same interest by the use of website or applications.
Now we come back to the common types of social networking apps particularly for smart devices.

The most common type of app that traded social networking is friendship app. Mobile developers keep coming with innovative app ideas for friendship based social networking applications. With this type of mobile application, users can stay connected with their friends, share various things, create group online.
It’s another popular type of social networking in the form of micro blogs. A micro blog is different than typical blog because of its smaller size. More and more people are nowadays showing interest in micro-blogging because it’s easy, particularly for mobile device users.
Dating apps are too becoming well-liked. A mobile phone offers quickest way to find partner for dating. Presently we have hundreds of dating applications with unique features, such as GPS can help partner to find your location where you are about to meet him or her.
Messaging is shifting from network or SIM based messaging to data or internet based messaging. Internet based mobile messaging applications are rather easier and offer a number of super features and functions over regular SIM based messaging applications.
Companies engaged in matrimonial social networking has also come into mobile business with their mobile versions of popular web based matrimonial platforms. Matrimonial mobile applications offer us a quickest way to find suitable life partner. It is easy to update photos, share social and public profiles through matrimonial mobile apps. Some companies even offer professional plug-ins with the marriage profile of the candidate.
It’s an important type of social networking app. These apps make your mobile device the best tool to share all your important updates for your company, business, employees, projects, product, services, hiring and so on.
Forum platforms have also gone mobile. Most of the popular forums now have their mobile apps on stores like Google Play and iTunes. Users can easily download these apps in mobile devices and ask questions.
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