The Digital India Initiative and mobility: What has turned digital in India so far?

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We all are aware of the government’s Digital India Initiative and, we are seeing a lot of developments triggered by it. Launched on July 1 2015, it’s the key program of Indian government for realizing its vision of transforming India into a digital empowered society and knowledge economy.
Mobility in this context stays in the core. It’s why because mobile-computing is quite affordable for a country like India. Smartphones are cheaper means of accessing the web and applications that connect people to digital services provided by the government.
The Digital India Initiative is progressing in three areas or segments: Rural, Empowerment, and Infrastructure. Let’s see what have so far turned digital in India for these three areas or segments under the Digital India Initiative:

Mobile apps for farmers and the people in rural area:

  • Agrimarket App – This app aims to keep farmers informed with the update prices of crop to avoid distress sale. By using the device location, the app updates prices of crops s per the markets in the range of 50 kilometers. It’s a GPS enabled app which means it automatically detects the user’s location and then fetches latest prices from the market of 50 KM and show up the result to users.
  • Kishan Suvidha – It’s another good app to help farmers with providing information related to weather of the current day and next 5 days, dealers, market prices, agro-advisories, plant protection, IPM practices etc.
  • Mkisan – This app helps farmers and other stakeholders getting advisories and information sent by experts and government officials at different levels. Users need not to register to the portal to get this information.
  • Crop Insurance Mobile App – With this app farmers can calculate the insurance premium for notified crop based on area, coverage amount and loan amount in case of loanee farmer.

Other useful apps for farmers and people in rural areas of the country include Sikkim Horticulture And CashCrop Assistance, Sikkim Allotment Of Breeding Bull, Application for Poultry, Pashu Poshan, MNCFC, Karnataka Bhoomi, HP Soil Testing, Intelligent Advisory System for Farmers, and Crop Info. All app developed for farmers and people of rural area under the Digital India Initiative can be accessed and downloaded here.

Mobile apps for empowering the people of India:

  • Accessible India Campaign Mobile App – This mobile app is crowd sourcing platform for Sugamya Bharat Abhiyaan or Accessible India Campaign. It lets people with disabilities comprehensively obtain information for those places which are inaccessible all over the country.
  • BHIM APP (Bharat Interface for Money) – Launched by the government of India, BHIM is an app for making payment transaction easy, quick and simple with using Unified Payment Interface (UPI). The app allows users to directly make bank-to-bank transactions and collect money using Mobile Number or payment address.
  • eBasta – It is another app developed under the same Digital India campaign. This app is aimed at making school book accessible in the digital form as e-books to be accessible on tablets and laptops. The idea is to bring publishers and schools together on one platform.
  • ePathshala It is also a mobile app for showcasing and broadcasting educational materials like books, audio and video as well as periodicals and various other print and non print materials through mobile app. All stakeholders such as teachers, students, educators and parents can access these materials through mobile, by using the app as well as through the website.
  • m-epf – The app for Employees’ Provident Funds Ordinance lets employees check their EPF balance through an e-Pass-book which is in fact the online version of physical pass-book. Employees can active their UAN accounts for viewing monthly credits.
  • Swatch Bhaarat App – It quickly become popular just after its launch. The app aims to make citizen actively participating cleanliness activities all over the country.

Other useful apps under this segment include IRCTC connect, Umang, Un-Reserved Ticket Through Mobile Application (UTS APP), and mCESSATION.

Mobile apps for creating a better digital infrastructure for the nation

  • Garv Grmeen Vidyutikaran – this application provides real-time updates of continuing electrification process to all users. It also provides information related to government schemes and electrification data.
  • mASSET – This mobile tools acts as a supplement app capturing details like photos and geo-coordination as of the Assets into National Asset Directory (NAD). Apart from this, the app can also capture details of Asset (Category, sub-category, name of the Asset, Photo & Geo-coordinates) which are not available in the app.
  • mKAVACH – This app is a comprehensive security solution for mobile devices. It emphasizes on protecting mobile devices, not just on scanning them for malware signature. mKavach provides better protection against data compromise, malicious applications, physical thefts and mis-utilization of hardware resources.
  • Mobile Seva App Store – It is mobile app store for facilitating the process of mobile app development aimed at delivering public services through mobile devices.  

This is just an instant reflection of how mobility based Digital India Initiative is being realized all over the country. This post may not cover everything under the program but it is an effort to inform people about how government-provided services are turning digital.

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