Digital Trends shaping Consumer Experience

In today’s digital era we are living in, tomorrow always comes with something new. Consumers change market or market changes consumers, but the cycle keeps on going. Here dedication to a brand doesn’t exist and what exists is experience that shift from good to better, to the best. It happens regardless of a brand or a company. It is time where experience dominates over a product, not a product over experience and it happens due to following trends.
VISUAL THINKING A picture is worth a thousand words. This has now been recognized thus the use of pictures or images in education have improved learning and retention. The trend is known as Visual Thinking. Images offer marketers & management firms with tools helping their clients find answers to complex problems. Visual Thinking can be applied to the entire subject-matter and is understandable to any audience or demographic.
THE NEW AESTHETIC James, a London based writer and technologist introduced the term The New Aesthetic. It means blurring digital with real. It narrows the gap between digital and real or removes the edge that separates both.  A good example for The New Aesthetic was shown via Sweet Shoppe in September 2011. It was particularly created for London Design Festival. Soon it turned into a hyper-real, personalized and technology-enabled production that allowed guests seeing, smelling, touching and tasting the retail experience.
CALM TECHNOLOGY Calm Technology stops the overflow of data for showing up the required information to focus on a task. The idea behind Calm Technology is to reduce distraction without losing functionality. This term advocates that technology should make our life easier and calmer, not more distracted and disrupted. What is the use of a technology that forces us stressing on it a lot to grasp it? A working example for Calm technology is Facebook ticker. It delivers a calmer and satisfying Facebook experience to users.
NEUROMARKETING studies consumer’s cognitive response to marketing inputs. It’s about using science and higher understanding of brain function that help in making website gluey. This method manipulates consumer to make purchase a product. The term leads that consumers make buying decision within split of second with a subconscious mind or emotional part of the brain. This method helps in bellowing the consumer minds with products they have desire for.
SINGULARITY The concept of Singularity says that technology is on its edge to become smarter than humans. The key component surrounding singularity via theoretical research is Game theory. It is a distinct and interdisciplinary approach to the study of human behavior.  By applying this, marketers can start to see that singularity is a bridge that connects the everyday and the fantastical.
These trends are outside conventional perceptions and methods, but they really stimulate consumers to do the things that are positive for marketers.

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