Discovery of readers with the use of technology

eBooks, when they were freshly invented, introduced a new trend. Libraries quickly adopted them as they were of course the most revolutionary technology in the world of publishing, reading and writing. However, the debate for printed vs digital words has always been exclusive, but both the numbers, eBooks and their readers, are constantly rising.
The number of eBook readers is rising at rapid pace; on the other hand, there is a visible decline in the number of printed book readers. In 2012, about 72% readers were reading printed books but in 2013, the figure dropped to 67 percent. So the trend of eBooks is growing.
The rising trend of technology has made mobility easier. Tablets, for example, are nowadays capable of handling most of the computing tasks. They are available with sophisticated features. With right apps, a tablet turns out to be a perfect digital book that can be read anytime, anywhere. Kindle Fire, the Android powered tablet by Amazon, has become a preferred platform for independent writers. Also, Amazon has offered third party apps which can be downloaded in both Android and iOS powered devices.
The app, when downloaded in tablet, shows up eBooks just like regular books. Previously, readers used to go to bookstores to find books but now they just need to have their smartphones or tablets. With rising trend of converting regular books into ebooks, comic book companies have also discovered that mobile devices and eBook can still keep the comic book publishing industry alive. Mainstream comic book publishers like DC and Marvel have already launched their mobile apps that allow users easily read books.
The trend of comics begun to fad out from since the 60’s and 70’s because television  showed interesting content to audience, particularly kids and youngsters. Once there were great declines in printing of these books. But now, things are improving again as tablets and smartphones are nowadays becoming the target device to let user’s access comic books.
Indie writers are showing too much interest. eBook publishers allow them to easily publish eBook. They can write books and publish them on their own. There are hundreds of thousands of writers all around the world which are nowadays writing books, publishing on eBook platform and making money too.
Smartphones and tablet devices are also attracting publishers engaged in publishing books for kids. Kids enjoy playing with these devices.They can read eBook and have fun. There is a wide range of books available for kids.

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