Does an Android smartphone really need antivirus?

If mobile developers create their apps with little care or leave the desire of collecting user’s personal information, we will hardly need of an antivirus software implementation in our Android phones. But things can never be this much fair at all. Because bad developers have bad ways to make money and thus the antivirus applications are created.

There are a number of antivirus programs available in Google Play and even in third party stores, which promise to protect android phones. But do these Google’s OS powered smartphones really need any security software or app?
In tech blogs, forums and community, people keep writing and sharing a lot of things about Android malwares or other malicious software but the biggest fact is that 99% of these bad programs come from outside Google Play. Some users download cracked software in their devices to save a few dollars but at the end of the day, these devices are found infected with malware or other malicious programs. However, they can save their smartphones if they know that where does Android virus or malware come from.
So where does android malware come from? Here are top sources:

  • Play Store is nearly flooding with about a million apps. A handful of them come from reputed mobile application developers and rest from unknowns. Many users have tendency to download any app that seems to fulfill their object and by this way, they allow malicious software to enter their device.
  • Permissions are caution signs but if you ignore them, you are going to put your device into problem. Many users downloading apps do not check all the given permissions and by this rashness, they allow an app entering the device with suspicious permissions.
  •  Applications are available at almost no cost; even paid ones are so cheap. Many of them can be purchased at few dollars but if you do not want to pay even for paid apps and download their cracked versions from third party stores, you are probably downloading a malicious application in your device.

Saving Android smartphone from malware or virus attack has been an exclusive question since Android has begun its journey. Here are some top suggestions:

  • Before you give an app place in your device, do a proper research about its publisher. Thoroughly read in app’s discretion that what does a particular app do? If any of them looks a bit shady, you better don’t download it.
  • Whether you download a fancy alarm clock app or a torch app to ignite your camera flash as torch, do check their permissions properly, from beginning to ending. If any one of app’s given permissions feels to be illogical, don’t download that app.
  • If you are going to update an app, check all the permissions. Maybe, developers have changed the permissions.
  • Don’t download applications from third party stores.
  • Protect your Android device with password.
  • Maybe, power-users need their device rooted but an average tech-savvy smartphone user hardly needs rooting their device. There are already hundreds of thousands of applications available in the Play Store to turn an Android device into powerhouse.
  • Keep device’s Bluetooth off whenever it is not in use.
  • Timely download OS and application updates.
  • Last but not least, if you feel bored in reading reviews, permissions, and want to download applications from third party stores, you better get an antivirus app.

There is no established data that Antivirus is a must for Android phone. Instead, experts have expressed concerns for following disadvantages caused by an antivirus program.

  • Anti-virus or anti-malware apps consume a lot of your resources like RAM and CPU.
  • No Antivirus can guarantee the Total Security. Maximum cases of malware-attacks have occurred because of user’s carelessness.
  • An antivirus keeps running all the times and ultimately consumes largest portion of battery. It can even weaken battery life.
  • It may interrupt normal operation of applications.
  • They do also collect your personal information. Sorry, but they do this.
  • Keeping them un-updated will cause more risks.

How to check if your device has an infection?

  • Bad battery life.
  • Call or data connection drop
  • Inordinately large phone bills
  • Unusual data plan spiking
  •  Poor device performance

If your device too has one or more of above mentioned symptoms, maybe a malicious application or virus is causing it.
There may be many other things that may have gone unnoticed in this piece of information. I will add more whenever I come across it.
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  1. If you download apps from Google Play, do not root your device, do not download apps from third party stores, read permissions and understand their logicality and then allow an app to get place in your device, you will hardly need an antivirus.

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