Does iPad put a hex on Netbooks?

The Netbooks is so far the best device for consuming digital media. Since the launch of iPad SDK, people say, Apple’s iPad can spell the death of Netbooks.

Although both the devices are portable like the smartphone, you will find watching videos on both the all-screen device. But the Netbooks are capable of performing everything as a computer is supposed to do. Not only that, it is also cheaper than laptop. Netbooks are also capable of multi-tasking as they support Adobe Flash and allow you to choose the operating system you want to run. They are also capable of running full desktop applications. Nevertheless, they are better than an iPad in many respects.

Apple’s iPad is yet to launch. But its SDK 3.2 beta version says, it can support e-book, entertainment, games, Web, Email, and Maps, Connectivity, TV, Movies and Video application etc. It is more palatable than doing it on a netbook with a keyboard.

But what is about e-Ink display of iPad, when we need to send emails and create documents? The iPad has nothing but on-screen keyboard while Netbooks offer e-Ink display. But a lot of people prefer using a physical keyboard than a virtual keyboard.
When you try entering text using the on-screen keyboard of iPad, with the tablet placed on a table, your neck will start aching in no time. So virtual keyboard is not a big issue for the iPad users. Let’s see the magic charm of iPad over Netbooks.

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  1. I’ve read several articles which aren’t raving about the Apple iPad. They say there is nothing innovative about it. Nonetheless, I’ve always been a huge fan of Apple’s products.

  2. I enjoy reading the report, too. It′s easy to understand that a journey like this is the biggest event in ones

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