Don’t Begin An App Development Before Knowing These 7 Things

mobile app development

A mobile application development shouldn’t be started in rush. To succeed in market you need to have a perfect planning. This post shares what a business needs to know before starting the development.

mobile app development

You have a fantastic mobile app development idea and it can create a buzz in the app market. It may help thousands of people and generate revenue too. It has all the potential to climb up the hit-lists of stores and maybe, it would rewards you with a big deal too.Let’s move with it.
But, wait. It’s not the way a mobile app development project is commenced. And if you still proceed with the idea, you may end up with a lot of disappointments and of course failure too.
It’s easy to hire a developer for your project but it’s not easy to conclude an app that really does a wonder. So let me share with you about what you need to know before starting the project so that your end product has all the traits of being successful. Here we go:

  1. What and where is your market?

You need to know what and where your market is before commencing a project. Take the example of laundry app covering the whole country while customers using this app will be limited to particular location/city unless the business has multiple branches in difference cities. Here app doesn’t serve the purpose in the best way. If your business is related to particular location, focus on keeping such design that local people find easy to use.
So you have to understand the market and then create an app. There is no chance of succeeding with an app in a market you do not know much about that.

  1. What does market really want?

Take the example of a restaurant app which is serving western food while the local people generally have traditional food.Now if your app is not serving what people want, it will be a failure.So you have to know what does market really want and you have to talk to people to know this in detail.

  1. What platforms will you prefer?

It’s also the part of market research and you need to know it very well before beginning the mobile app development that what platform your audience do prefer. I can give you a rough idea as per the trends. If your app targets Europe and the US, design an iOS app first. If it targets Asian countries like China and India then design an Android app first. But to know it in detail, you need to conduct a thorough research.

  1. What will the production cost?

You must have information about how much other businesses have spent over their mobile apps. On average, it requires to invest $10,000 to $70,000 for the development. But the budget varies from project to project as well as depends on what features and functions a business wants in its app.

  1. How the app will generate revenue?

Monetization depends on the type of app. Will you sell the app or sell something via it? If you are going to sell the app than you have to chose one from in-app advertisement, in-app purchases and single-sale payment methods. If the app sells services/ products then you need to plan about adding a payment gateway.
In either case, you have to provide what market and users are asking for and then design the app accordingly.

  1. How will people know that your app is out there?

You have to plan about promotion and marketing of your app before launching it.You have to inform people weeks and months before its launch.You can create a blog for this purpose and set a releasing data.Share the blogs on social sites.Describe everything that the app can do so that curiosity can be created among users.

  1. How will you improve user experience?

You will have to keep a sharp eye over the app adoption in first few weeks from the date of its release. Check what users are saying in their comment / reviews. Are they talking about something which is not working or can be refined? Are their devices supporting the app? What are the additional features they want? You have to check every detail and keep it on table while making enhancements. Implement changes quickly and push updates.

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  1. I must appreciate the efforts of the writer to put down this informative resource for the mobile application developers. As we say mobile apps, iPhone apps cant be ignored in the competitive market.

  2. This is a useful stuff indeed. Though the points clarified here seems to be quite generic, but the points are quite valid for development of any iPhone application/ Android Application. The vital factor behind any app is that it should always try towards user retention and this is only possible with adequate research on the target market as well as considering the above vital factors.

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