Don’t Let Your Mobile App Development Become Ineffective

For almost all businesses, mobile app development has turned out to be a key difference maker. They have spotted that investments in a mobile app development team, which will conclude a market leading app or a right custom code, is now worth making.

On the other hand, developers aren’t always straight with their clients – whether they are a business owner or individuals with a startup idea. There are certain things that developers keep to themselves. But the things that developers keep to themselves only or hide from their clients are those things which actually decide the success and failure of mobile app development project.

Let me help you understand everything that most developers and development companies tend to hide from their clients.

Developers make clients believe that they have learned all about their ideas, but they don’t.  

pretending to be expertDevelopers are smart people. They may make you believe that they have understood everything about your project and, now you should finalize the deal with them by assigning the project of the app development, but in most cases, they know much lesser than you think.

 So, when hiring developers for a project, make sure that they really know what they are going to do and, if they don’t then you keep tabs on whether or not they learn what the project is all about then start working or not.

The unawareness of developers may lead a project to failure. Now don’t let your app be the guinea pig of such experiment.

Your liability in terms of technology is bigger than anyone else.

more responsibleThinking that every technical aspect of your app development will be looked after by developers is a wrong perception. Actually, your role is more important than developers. You have to stay aware of each and every thing applied to your app. In most cases, there are several corners that require little trimming and patching. If things do not settle down at their places even after quick fixes, you should ask the development team to re-engineer the entire part. But this is possible only if you keep checking your app for all its technology aspects.

Developers turn bored in the middle of the process

bored in the middleThe biggest issue businesses face during their mobile app development project is to work with those developers who know everything about the code, but aren’t much interesting in doing anything to it. These developers can effortlessly locate and fix issues several times faster than new ones employed for the same project.

Developers are seen to get bored in the middle. The reasons are more than a million. The other situation is that the code is created in a language that isn’t the part of mainstream fashion. Sometimes developers may feel upset feel sorry for the hard effort they put into building code for the first, but then changes make it irrelevant. It disappoints them.

This is where you – the app owners – need to pay attention and understand how seriously your developers are responding to you. Aren’t they interested enough? If they don’t then you start taking things in control before a disaster happens.

When businesses want to implement their own code only

going your own wayOwners themselves create this problem. They come with their own style of programming an app. They believe that it’s better than other options available in the market. An app owner may see every task as same, but things are completely different from developer’s point of view.

Developers have their own way of working and, they often promote those technologies that they think trustworthy. With time they also become expert in the particular technologies.  But when app-owners come with the requirements of developing an app with their own preferred technology or language while there are different technologies or languages are in trends for the same types of requirements, the situation turns out to be a bit chaotic.

If the app owner forces to go with its own preference of technologies, the whole project progresses quite slowly.

Other scenarios

  • Developers seem to be obsessed with new technologies and, they want to try them on new projects they are working on. But this may be risky at a time. Often time new technologies or way of implementations are not given proper testing before launching for public use. You better keep checking whether developers are using the well-defined, well-explained development practices or not.
  • The tragedy of some developers is that in search of so many ideas, they end up with nothing. This is where developers are seen too lazy to do any sort of advancement and continue to follow the same old paths.
  • Also, there are some freaky developers who love to build things from scratch and suggest others to do same on the name of novelty. But what’s the point of creating something from the scratch for which hundreds of solutions are already available?
  • Many developers will advocate rewriting an app even if it is already doing the job quite efficiently. Please do not allow developers do that because when they will fix X in their own way, the change may disturb Y which depends on Z which actually fetches data from X and in the mean time, the whole process will create some A, B, C and D errors. This is like triggering a chain reaction of problems. Don’t let it happen.

Avoid these things happening to your project to conclude a successful mobile app development project.

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