Here is the early look of Android N’s redesigned Notification share and quick setting panel.


Google Android N’s first look is out now. Major changes seem to be made to the notification shade and settings. They did some major changes in 5.0 Lollipop and now again in Android N. The appearance of the notification looks like being altered and this time it’s more than just cosmetic. With this change, notification will be able to show up more information and quick settings are finally creeping in.  UI for quick settings is created in paginated style and here, editing new tiles will also be easier.


Here are the mockups of Android N notifications based on what we have seen. Here the first noticeable thing is the full-width with less clear separation between different items. Every item in the list has line with the notification produced by the app. Also, notifications seem to be able to show up with limited color text elements. However the info is available in the current notification UI but to see it, you have to do a long-press. Icons of apps are smaller and not very obvious. Here is a comparison of new vs. old UI.
There is a quick setting toggle up at the top that will of course be a welcome change. Most of the device manufactures have been making a subset of quick settings which can be accessed from the notification shade but now Google itself has brought this feature in the panel. So device manufacturers will not need to customize the OS for this purpose. Just pull down it and you will have access to full custom settings. It provides easier access to the Android N.

android n

 Quick Settings

Upon opening the quick setting panel, you will notice that there is really cool sliding animation when the compressed bar of toggle moves down to the full QS. Similar to notifications, it’s also getting full width. In this version we didn’t notice expandable W-Fi and Bluteoth icons. There’s an edit button here that indicates that Google is bringing the UI tuner options into the main quick settings. We can assume that features will be more flashed out in when we actually see it. It seems that the quick settings has also get pagination so that the less frequently toggles can be put on the next page. Here is the comparison between new and old UI.

android n

It’s possible that Google changes the way things seem to work now in its final build of Android N. Because screenshots put here are actually the mockups based on what we have seen, we cannot assure that Android N will have all those things which we mentioned above. Let’s see what Google unfolds for Android N in its I/O summit to be held next in May.

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