After eight years of work, HTML5 is now ready

The World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) has been working on HTML5 standard for almost a decade and now, it’s all ready. With this finalized web standard, it will now be possible to design webs to be fully compatible with modern age mobile devices and cloud-based applications.
The next generation of web is here! Unlike previous web standards which were limited to create static web-pages, the new HTML5 has potential to offer a rich user-experience across the platforms. Although web and mobile developers have been using a lot of elements of HTML5 in their websites and apps for last several years but with its official completion, things have turned more stable.
HTML has come to a long way since it was created by Tim Berners-Lee in 1989. Now its latest version has capabilities to power full-fledged applications for both desktops and mobiles.
Reasons why HTML5 is also a perfect technology for mobile application development include its capabilities of handling multimedia content, various sorts of functions, and animated objects without the requirement of proprietary plug-ins. This wasn’t possible in the earlier versions of HTML5. Older standards were either lagging behind in their application-level usages or if developers, somehow, implemented them for applications, the end-users were required to download proprietary plug-ins, which were often considered unsafe by users.
HTML5 abides the concept of WORA that stands for “write-once, run-anywhere”. Because HTML is already a cross-platform web standard, and its version 5 has limitless scopes to be used with applications too, it has become less costly for mobile application developer to design & develop a mobile app that is supported on multiple mobile platforms.
A latest survey from Vision Mobile notifies that nearly 42 percent of mobile application development experts are already using HTML5 along with CSS and JavaScript for designing and developing cross platform mobile apps.

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