Enterprise mobility is spoiled this way.

Many developers aren’t aware of wrongdoings that damage an enterprise mobile application development. Concluding an app development isn’t enough; particularly if you haven’t concentrated on following things:

Do not considering about customer viewpoint in your mind 

It is surprising but true that the most mobile app developers design apps without considering about customer viewpoint. They just want to end up it. And when they design, develop and then implement something that customers have never been wishing for, they just fail. So developers, you must build something that customers want, or otherwise keep investing and failing.
So how will you learn that what users/customers really want? The way out is you survey a core group of users to discover about the proposed features and functions. Once you have an idea that what a moderate group of users does want to see in an app, you can find tune your requirements and then proceed with your idea.

Confusion of two many operating systems and app development technologies

There is misconception that you will succeed more if you have cross-platform apps. But it’s not 100% true. Why don’t developers focus all their energy on one platform and then on all? Why don’t you first begin an Android app development project and leave iOS app for later and vice versa. Super fan of HTML5 and other supported technology are heavily pushing the concept of hybrid approach, but be careful. Do not let your ambitious mobile app project be a guinea-pig of hybrid developers because they will convince you all the way that the combination of HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript is capable of serving all sorts of mobile based computing requirements; however, it not true.

Confusion between choosing smartphone and tablet

App designing just not ends at designing an app for specific OS. It is because some apps look better on tablets while others are only for mobile devices. A game app with high-quality visualization is supposed to support tablets whereas an app for alerts does not really need to excel on tablet. Developers are often not able to detect the fine line between both devices and thus they fail.

Selecting of complex method for simplest functionality

Yes, there are folks in the market that are involved in software development for a decade or two. And many of them want to show their skills by making a complex app. That’s just another way they mess up your end-product. Why don’t they show up their in-depth knowledge of mobile application development by keeping the design as simple as possible? Keeping things simple yet powerful is also challenge, isn’t it?

Trying to do something impossible – Making an app for the entire industry

Are you trying to design an app that serves all the operations of an industry? If you are doing so, consider you are making a mistake. Best way to target an industry is that you target an industry problem. Apps are tiny and run in small handheld devices. It will not be a wise idea if you want to solve all your computing problems with a single app. Maybe you end-up with a product that no one understands. If you have to take care of your business partners and also have to respond to queries of customers, going with a single apps will not be good move at all.

An app is not the enterprise app until it integrates with the system of record

Only those apps are able to beat the competition, which have been integrated with a better back-end. Whether an app is serving customer purchase order or customer care operation, the workflow can only be smoothed if the app has been integrated with smoother back-end. If the app is not able to timely fetch required data, consider that it is a failure and of course a mistake too.
There are several enterprise operations where users have to access information in real-time. If the app is not responding them in real time or the back-end keeps delaying user-requests, the app is of course not an enterprise mobility app.
Last but not least, build an app that presents what is business all about. If the app is capable of serving like business presentation, you will succeed in your aim.
All the pointers discovered in this blog have been suggested by experts in enterprise based mobile application development.

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