Facebook 'Groups for Schools' for School & Colleges

Facebook has launched a new type of community called Groups for School. If you wish to join it, you need to have an active email ID @ .edu. This community page has been built for schools, colleges, their students and faculties. Here all members can share messages, files, create events and more with each other. Apart from school communities, this new feature is going to be a podium for various campus related activities too.
However, there are some existing groups for the same schools and college and these haven’t been integrated with Facebook’s own Groups for School pages. This means that if you’re already the member of Northwestern Triathlon group on Facebook, it is not going to show up on Facebook’s Groups for Schools pages dedicated to Northwestern Triathlon automatically. Instead, it requests that you need to create new Northwestern Triathlon group on Facebook’s own pages for Groups for Schools. It is not that hard to create and join one more group with same name, though.
Groups for Schools are unique to each college or schools and offer similar functionality that existing groups have. There are colleges and schools that still do not have their sub-portals sharing things online but Facebook’s Groups for Schools may provide great support.

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