Features & Advantages of Swift, the IOS Application Development Technology

As we know that Apple has introduced Swift, the new iOS application development technology. The company wants all engaged in iOS application development to adopt this technology for building iPhone and iPad apps. Lets us explore some of the features and advantages of developing iOS apps with Swift.

swift ios application development

Features of IOS Application Development

  1. It has Optional Building feature that means it might contain a value of type and can be converted from one type to another.
  2. For an iOS application development SWITCH STATEMENT is a powerful feature of Swift. Because it doesn’t have any default fall through; it is easier for developers to switch between many conditions such as expressions, Boolean, elements, etc.
  3. FUNCTIONS are a really good thing in the Swift. In your iOS application development, you control different types, default types and also, a lot of optional arguments. Functions can easily be used in place of types if variable.
  4. PROPERTIES in the Swift are very similar to Dart and C#. Also they have get and set methods.
  5. With CHAINING developers can protect exceptions every time multiple methods or properties are called within one chain.


  • The Swift language can be called quickly and in a modern way. It is constructed in a way so that developers can easily read and maintain it.
  • The memory in this language is managed automatically. Developers need to not to use semi-colons in programming.
  • It has rapid concise iteration over a range. Because of this advantage, Swift’s coding turns out to be quite easier.
  • The huge advantage of the Swift is map and filter functional programming.

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