Features an iPhone m-Commerce app should have.

iPhone users do love online shopping. From online gaming console to curtains for living room, they just want to buy all they need online. Even if iPhone’s market has shrunk because of the free, open-source Android, but in terms of making money from apps, iPhone platforms is still the best choice among mobile developers. So it’s time for eCommerce companies to go mobile but it isn’t as easy as it sounds, especially if it’s about iPhone app development.
Whether you are appointing in house iPhone developers or an offshore mobile development company, you are going to need following tips to create a working digital product that really influences users.

The whole world is social now. Is your app too?

The world is really shifting towards mobile. For many people, their smart devices like iPhone and iPad have turned out to be the first, or the only computing screen. And it’s easy for everyone to shop using smartphones. But for a business, which has an m-commerce app, social networking can multiply the sales opportunity. The virtual social networking is the best of ways to share things. It’s actually like viral. Things shared in a profile spread to hundreds of thousands of people. The more people come to know about your product, the more you are going to get customers. So while adding a mobile app platform to your eCommerce business, you must ask your mobile app developers to integrate social icons like Facebook and Twitter to the app.

Product comparison and filter make the product search easier

An m-commerce app can have tons of products of hundreds of brands. But the more an app offers product choices, the more it makes a customer confused. So it’s recommended that you ask your mobile developer to add product comparison and product filter features to the app. It will help customers find their choices in minimum efforts.

Easy, secured and compatible payment gateway integration

Once customers have chosen the products and want to pay for them, the process of paying is supposed to be as easier as possible. A complicated payment process can distract users. So ask your developers to integrate a simplest, securest payment method to the app.

Add Loyalty programs with produce product purchase

Most customers believe in cheap and best things, and there is nothing bad in this. Saving money is good. So if your shopping app has features related to discounts, special offers, special-time-point-to-buy, cash-back, etc, they will surely draw attention of users.

Tracking of products from placing order to delivery

When purchase and payment have been made, customers have to wait until the product delivered them. Delivery may take time of days and weeks but in this period, customers live in uncertainty. But if an app has special features to keep the customer updated during the transaction of product, it will make them contended and calmed. Featuring like SMS alerts work like tonic when the customer is suffering from frustration, irritation and similar feelings because he/she is waiting for product to reach at their doorstep.

Mobile friendly design and user interface.

An app for mobile is supposed to be made with keeping mobile phone in mind. There is a huge difference between desktop and mobile platforms; even one platform differs from others. It is important that the developer you have hired has excellent knowledge of particular platform.
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