What features iOS 8, iPhone 6 have brought to enterprise iPhone app developers?

The newly launched iPhone 6 and iOS 8 have fascinated us all. The sales of iPhone brok all the records ever made for any of the new iPhone models. Apple sold approximately 10 million units within the first weeks of the launch of iPhone 6 and 6 Plus. Also, over 52% existing users upgraded their devices to iOS 8 operating system.


So what new features enterprise iPhone app developers can offer with an app development, to fully utilize Apple’s latest hardware and software improvements. Expert iPhone app developers have shifted through more than 4000 new APIs. Here are the highlights of some of them:

App Extensions

With app extensions, now common actions like storage choices, photo editing, cloud storage access, custom keyboards, etc can easily be added to an iPhone app project. With saving a lot of development time, app extensions will also standardize user experience and turn them more appealing.

 “Kits” – new things to play with

With iOS 8, Apple has introduced a new range of features called “Kits” . Many specialist iPhone app developers have thought them a game changer improvement for both users and developers.
PhotoKit, for example, offers a range of manual camera controls. With these controls even budding photographers are able to capture professional-like photos. With the new API architecture for thumbnail and full-sized assets as well as ability of editing content, the PhotoKit extension takes the enterprise mobility to next level.
HealthKit, as another extension, can be added to apps for more complex health/fitness monitoring functions. It allows users to store, share and track health and fitness related information. Also, it all takes place in a securer environment. Its third party integration have extremely significant potentials. Kits offer pretty good opportunities to iPhone app developers.

Graphics will be ten times more appealing

Now iPhone game developers have chances to ten times improve the graphics performance of their games. The Metal, introduced by Apple, offers console class 3D games experience on iOS 8 powered devices. Developers now have ways to add powerful capabilities to those enterprises which require vital visual appearance.


ApplePay now has agreements with major credit card companies like Visa, Master and American Express, to be adopted by users all through the United States. It is believed that around spring next year, Apple will launch its own payment service in Europe also . Although contact-less payment system is not a new thing but Apple’s solution is much easier and far securer.

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