Finally, Android begins to earn respect among developers

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The mobile game Kingdoms at War is now equally popular on both iOS powered devices and Android powered devices. However, the developer of this game says that the iOS version earns more than double the money than the Android version. Many developers consider Android as a weak contender to earn high revenue for their works.

Apart from fragmentation, lower monetization rate is another thing that weakens Android. Of course, Android is world’s most widespread OS, but in terms of earning revenue for developers, it still comes second. Many mobile app developers continue to use iOS development for prestige, higher revenue and uniformity.

But developers also say that with Android, conditions are rapidly changing. Google’s partnerships with Samsung, HTC and to some extent LG are aimed to bring uniformity in all Android devices. Non-uniformity or what technically known as fragmentation is also a reason that does not let developers monetize their apps in the desired manner.

Latest Android devices are coming with an improved built-in payment system, and mobile makers like Samsung, HTC and LG are introducing a new fleet of Android devices that will not cause fragmentation issues. Google too has taken steps by adding anti-fragmentation clause to the license of its latest SDK. If an Android developer agrees to the term, he actually agrees to not create an app that causes any type of fragmentation. This makes developers to respect the OS.