Four features that Android Lollipop has but iOS 8 doesn't.

Every quarter’s global mobile operating system market share reports show that Android is becoming gigantic. In same reports, it’s also easily observable that Apple’s continuously lagging behind in terms of everything that Android is offering, or able to do. Many features that Apple introduced on iOS 7 in 2013 were already available on Android much earlier.
Google is really a master in keeping itself ahead in the game of smart mobility. It has featured Android with everything that can attract more users as well as keeps heads of competitors down. Let’s have look on four interesting features of Android Lollipop 5.0 that iOS still doesn’t have.

Battery saving feature

The new battery saving feature in Android L now adds 90 more usage-minutes to a device. The OS arranges additional battery backup by disabling data connectivity, limiting vibration, reducing performance and cutting some other features and functions.

Advanced imaging & video recording features

With new Android L powered devices, users will be able to capture photos in raw formats like YUV and Bayer RAW. Also, if you are an advanced user, you can control capture setting for flash, lens and sensor per individual frame. Apart from these features, user can also capture metadata like optical information and metadata. For recording video, Android L has built-in 4K video playback and recording capacity. On the other side, iOS has good camera but doesn’t have manual controls, and also, it cannot record 4K videos.

Advanced safety features

Apart from swipe, four-digit pin or thumb print that Apple is also offering right now for unlocking its iPhone device, Google offers more ways to secure a device by pairing it with smartphone, tablet, wearable gadgets and also with connected cars. Face and pattern unlocks are two great ways that make Android more advanced than iOS.

Guest mode for sharing a device

iPhone and iPad just fulfill single user needs. These iOS powered devices aren’t good choices for sharing. But with Android L guest mode that does not only let you share a device but also, it lets you choose apps you want others users accessing or not accessing.

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