Foursquare and Starbucks use largest non-profit check-in campaign to fight AIDS

(Red) a non-profit organization, Starbuck and Foursquare have partnered for a 10-day long fundraising and aids awareness campaign. They are raising funds through Foursquare check-in and lattes. In this campaign (continuing from 1 to 10 June), Starbuck is donating $1 to Global Fund that is being raised by (RED). It has been held for every Foursquare check-in at any of its locations in the U.S. and Canada. In the partnership, they aim to raise a fund up $250,000 which will be later used to spread word via social media channels to eliminate mother-to-child transmission of HIV by 2015.
Founded in 2006 by Bono and Bobby Shriver, (RED) as a non-profit is working for raising money for Global Fund and fight AIDS in Africa. It has raised more than $190M till date. Starbuck, which has long been in the partnership with (RED), has also contributed $10M to the Global Fund raising campaign.
“We are excited that through (RED)’s check-in activation with Foursquare, our customers have an easy way to help make a difference towards an AIDS free generation by 2015, a hugely important milestone in the fight against AIDS,” Starbucks public affairs executive Vice President Vivek Varma said in a statement.
According to Foursquare, this is going to be one of the largest non-profit check-in campaigns so far. The startup will also honor the distribution of (RED) Rush to Zero badges to participants.

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