Future of Tablet Sales

Tablet, which is in between a Smartphone and computer, is becoming popular among the consumers and this popularity is expected to increase its sale by 98 percent this year. Latest findings by research firm Gartner shows that tablet sales will reach 118.9 million units this year. If this happens, it will be 29 percent higher than 2011. The data for upcoming years are further surprising. Gartner forecasts that 182.4 million tabs will be sold in 2012 and by 2016 the sale would increase up to 369.2 million units.
Gartner’s prediction shows a ‘maintained sales state’ of Apple’s IPad. Well, it is absolutely possible because iPad still dominates the global tablet market. The projections also suggest that iOS may capture 61.4 percent of worldwide global sales this year but there would be some drops in 2013.
Tablets, apart from Apple’s iPad, have limited chances of success as we have seen lots of new arrivals and most of them just saw ugly failures. The situation hasn’t improved in the first quarter of 2012 as per the findings by Gartner.
Another recently conducted research shows quite different figures and gave many reasons for not ignoring Android, the OS by search engine giant Google. IDC released a report in March that suggested that Android will have the largest global tablet market share by 2015. Android got a huge thrust when its market share jumped to 44.6% during the fourth quarter from 33.24% during previous quarter. IDC’s report also shows that Apple’s share slipped to 54.7% during fourth quarter. However, Apple will remain dominant in terms of worldwide vendor unit shipment in years to come, according to IDC.
Android will continue to eat the market share of Apple and would account for 31.0 percent of tablet sales this year, 34 percent next year and 37 percent in 2016 as per Gartner’s report.
These figures may be controversial but one thing is obvious – the future of tablet sales is really bright!

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