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Google-Nexus-OneNexus One had come in the modern climate of hyped (rather we can say over-hyped) smartphone launches. Since the branded Google device has launched, experts think, it might spell a fundamental change for the direction of smartphone platform. Let’s read on for the full scoop of Nexus One after 3 months of its launch. It is a sleek, streamlined phone that can easily go toe-to-toe with other smartphones of the market. Plus it is powered by the latest version of Android (2.1 “Flan,” if you’re counting) and hand-retooled by Google.

Among lots of unique features, the voice-to-text option is great as if you are making a call and simply speak into the phone. Google sends your voice to a remote server that analyses your words by comparing it other recordings, although it does not work perfectly.

Can the Nexus One possibly live up to the hype ascribed to it? Is it a sign of coming Android autocracy? So the big story starts here from software and Operating System. Apart from Voice-to-text feature, there is a pleasing name Google’s Goggle, which analyses photographs and leads you to appropriate websites. Android 2.1 offers you five home screens, with lovely animated wallpapers. These need a fast processor to work well, and the Google Nexus One has a superb 1GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon processor. It makes features and apps launch instantly and web pages load quickly.

At the end of all, Nexus One has a few drawbacks as of course, no phone is perfect in the market. The Nexus One has a couple of niggling flaws that are worth mentioning. It takes a while to get used to the touch-sensitive icons at the foot of the screen and you need to hit them in exactly the right place, leading to lots of repeated pressing until you get it just right.

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