How to Get Users to Test Your New App

app testing

So, you’ve concluded a mobile app development and showed the end-product to a close group of friends, family members and coworkers, but you are now stuck in considering how you can arrange more users to test it and get more fair feedback. This blog shows you some different and quite efficient ways to receive valuable response from real users.
app testing

Attracting users without paying a single penny

Single developers and small startups often experience difficulty in giving proper testing to their mobile app development projects. Because they have to invest every dollar of the budget very carefully, and minimize the expenses whenever possible, performing testing at large level seems to be hard for them. The most practical strategy is to actively reach out to potential users through various social media channels and news sites.
The core idea is to offer user something valuable – something that they really want to use. Take an example of the question-answer site – Quora. You can find a lot of users for free from this site. All you have to do is to look for relevant questions that can be answered by your app. Never forget to mention that the app is still new and you appreciate feedback you will receive.
Others place where you can put your app for testing is Reddit and relevant sites like Hacker News. Again, you have to be a bit careful and don’t have to push your app on random bystanders.  Present it in way so that users can learn how they will benefit from it and make sure you are asking them to provide their valuable feedback. Also, there is possibility of getting bulk of feedback if you present your app in its early stage. Many people are seen tempted to use the alpha version of an app.

Paying users to get your new app tested

Cost saving method to get apps reviewed has disadvantages too. No one can guarantee that you will receive fair feedback. Second, the feedback you will receive be of low quality. After all, there is nothing in the world to get people done what you want them to do without providing any compensation.
A very good way is go with mTurk, which is a crowd source internet marketplace owned by Amazon. No matter what is your budget size for mTurck, but it’s a guarantee that you will receive better results because people are always looking to get paid for doing various odd jobs and because they want to get paid, they do it honestly.
Other places are Fiverr and UserTesting. These sites have people who specialize in app testing and provide best possible feedback. Of course you have to pay here too.

Be ready to respond to the feedback

Once you get feedback from both paid and free sources, you should stand ready to act up on them and make enhancement in your application.

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