Go Green with iPhone Gardening Apps

Imagine if your iPhone could help you in gardening! Imagine no more.  iTunes is the ocean of apps and I have tried to sift this ocean for the top 5 free apps for improving your gardening skills. Here are those apps:
Garden Lite
One word to depict this app is–awesome. Its database provides quick references for about 750 plant-species with photos and descriptions. Use the app to explore the common names, botanical names, soil climate, care info, planting time, bloom time, pests and diseases of plants. A separate section suggests you about pests that cause 20 common garden threats.
Garden Plot
Garden Plot is available for free, but if you want useful features, you need to spend some bucks. Still, the free version helps a lot. You can access some data on produce, create a hand to-do list and set up the “My garden section. This inclusive section allows you to add plants from the set list, enter the date they were planted, put in notes and photos, etc.
Grow Your Own – The Royal Horticultural Society
If you are not confident about your gardening skills or experience, the app Grow Your Own is just for you. It is a solid resource to start growing own garden. The app provides you useful information about fruits and vegetables of 20 common varieties. Each plant has its profile helping you decide what to grow according to the space and competence you have. You can also set alerts reminding you what to do, when to do.
Organic Gardening Planting Planner
It’s the official app of Organic Gardening magazine. It helps you plant right varieties of plants at the right time. It has extensive database to help you select what you want to grow. It gives info about how and when to plant seeds. It updates weather information for frosting so that your seeds won’t get chilled to death.
The app is brought to by MyGraden.org social networking site. It allows you to access the plant database without any membership. But if you want most out of it, you need to be a full MyGarden member. As a full member, you can add plants, follow other gardeners and see their activities to make your own to-do list.
Go Green & Save Environment should be your motto. Try these apps that would help you in having an amazing hobby that would help the environment at the same time you’ll have an amazing garden with beautiful trees and flowers.

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